‘A cerebral revolution’ from a most unexpected place

Vote Healey 2014

Jade Gotauco YouTube 10/30/2014

This video was made for the sole purpose of sharing Robert J. Healey’s message in the RI Gubernatorial campaign. Please feel welcome to share this video with whomever you think needs to hear our message.

Vote with integrity, vote for change. Vote Healey.

This video was made at […]

White House Knew Of WH Aide’s Involvement In Cartagena Prostitution Scandal

The Washington Free Beacon 10/9/2014

New allegations against the Obama administration have been raised regarding the 2012 Cartagena prostitution scandal, in which the White House may have covered up one of their advance aides spending the night with a prostitute on the now-infamous trip to Colombia.

CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett questioned whether the […]

'Which means that the entire press briefing is scripted'

Reporter Walks Back White House Press Claim

Limbaugh predicted reversal following revelations about Carney briefings

WorldNetDaily 3/21/2014

…After airing clips of her broadcast and weighing her story against the denials, Limbaugh noted that Anaya seemed “star struck” by her visit and “didn’t sound capable of making something up, or inventing it.”

He characterized the reporter […]

Holder to Cruz: No Conflict Having Obama Donor Investigate IRS Scandal

Andrew C. McCarthy The Corner National Review Online 3/20/2014

I know you’ll be shocked to hear that Attorney General Eric Holder has rejected Senator Ted Cruz’s call for an independent prosecutor to probe the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups. I wrote about the senator’s demand when he made it two months ago (see here; see […]

Gowdy on IRS Conference Spending ‘a character issue’

Tgowdysc YouTube 6/6/2013

Rep. Gowdy discusses how IRS spending on conferences is not a question of training, but a moral and character issue.


A Second Cheer for Glenn Greenwald

Mark Steyn The Corner National Review Online 2/12/2013

Jonah writes:

Lord knows that I have deep disagreements with Glenn Greenwald (not least on his extremely low opinion of me), but in fairness you’ve got to credit him with consistency.

I’ll second that. Lord knows that I have deep disagreements with Glenn Greenwald (not least on […]