Gun control by the U.N.

Editorial The Washington Times 3/20/2013

Bureaucrats from 150 nations are ramping up efforts to impose gun control through international pact. Here in the United States, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty has become the vehicle to drive an agenda that is deeply controversial because once a treaty is ratified by the Senate, it becomes the […]

Dick Morris: Obama, Sec. Clinton will sign U.N. gun control treaty this month

US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty On July 27!

Dick Morris 7/6/2012

In this video commentary, I discuss the global gun control threat. Without any national debate — and after secret negotiations — Obama is going to sign the Arms Trade Treaty which will lead to UN imposed gun control.

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U.N. Considers Treaty to Regulate International Gun Sales

How will this affect American’s 2nd amendment right? 10/1/2011

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