The Latino Child Eric Holder Booted Back Home

Humberto Fontova Human Events 7/11/2014

Attorney General Eric Holder can hardly contain his tears when explaining his program titled, “Justice AmeriCorps,” to provide emergency legal representation for the tens of thousands of Central American minors crashing our southern border.

“How we treat those in need, particularly young people who must appear in immigration proceedings, many […]

The Hillary Papers

“HC says press has big egos and no brains. That [the White House is] just going to have to work them better; that her staff has figured it out and would be glad to teach [Bill’s] staff.”


Archive of ‘closest friend’ paints portrait of ruthless First Lady

Alana Goodman The Washington Free […]

Obama considering Gorelick to lead FBI?

Incompetent failure being considered for FBI’s top job?

Glenn Beck 3/24/2011

Who is on President Obama’s shortlist to lead the FBI? Jamie Gorelick, who installed the wall of separation between the FBI and the CIA in regards to sharing information. Glenn had the story on radio.

“Guess who is going to be ‑‑ who they’re […]


Kenneth Anderson The Volokh Conspiracy 4/19/2010

Bill Clinton’s invocation of Timothy McVeigh in connection with the Tea Party movement caused me to recall my review of a book on the Waco massacre that was a motivation for McVeigh. The book under review was Reavis, The Ashes of Waco, and it appeared in the Times Literary […]

Morris: Clinton plays the Oklahoma City card

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann 4/20/2010

Former President Bill Clinton yesterday criticized conservatives who are “vilifying” government and its workers warning that such rhetoric could lead to a repetition of the horrific attack on the Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 that marred his presidency.

Apart from the absurdity of likening elderly […]

‘Clinton doesn’t have a lot of moral authority, these days.’

That’s Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, commenting this evening on Bill Clinton’s attacks on conservatives over the past week. Clinton has been attempting to demonize and marginalize those who attended Tea Parties and who have rejected Obama’s Progressive transformation of America. Clinton’s lectures are straight out of Saul Alinksky’s “Rules for Radicals.” They’re part of the most […]