Another Jerry Brown Flashback: We Need More Welfare and Fewer Jobs

Morgen Verum Serum 6/10/2010

For a guy known to hold some pretty strange views, this might be the most bizarre perspective on welfare policy I have ever seen. Here is Jerry Brown from his Pacifica Radio show in 1995 (full transcript here):

The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to […]

‘A little state control wouldn’t hurt anybody’

Top Democrat spills beans on revival of ‘Fairness Doctrine’

Aaron Klein WorldNetDaily 2/14/2009

“A little state control wouldn’t hurt anybody,” declared Jerry Brown, California’s Democrat attorney general, in on air comments yesterday about the possible reinstatement of the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

“You have a point of view and I have a point of view and […]

Jerry Brown Urges Unions to ‘Attack’

by Publius 3/17/2010

From today’s LA Times:

Faced with the daunting prospect of being significantly outspent by his Republican opponent, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown spoke to a labor group Tuesday and urged them to go on the offensive.

“We’re going to attack whenever we can, but I’d rather have you attack,” Brown […]