WHI: Obama’s Benghazi Lie – Valerie Jarrett’s West Wing Meltdown

Ulsterman The Ulsterman Report 10/15/2012

(Our White House Insider indicates senior adviser Valerie Jarrett takes great pleasure in being known as the “defacto president” of the Obama White House – though she was recently enraged at campaign staff for Barack Obama’s failure during his first presidential debate against Mitt Romney. The following is the most […]

Flashback: Moderator Raddatz Stunned Democrat John Silber's Campaign for MA Governor in 1990 Debate

Joel B. Pollak Breitbart.com Big Journalism 10 Oct 2012

Ahead of Thursday evening’s highly-anticipated debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Republican challenger Rep. Paul Ryan, pundits are wondering whether the moderator, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, will comply with pressure from media colleagues to be more aggressive than Jim Lehrer of PBS was in last […]

Obama brought a knife to a gunfight

Kimberly Morin Manchester Political Buzz Examiner 10/3/2012

The first presidential debate was held tonight in Denver, Colorado and moderated by PBS’ Jim Lehrer. The debate was focused on domestic issues and ran for 90 minutes. From the very beginning, Romney was articulate, confident and was well versed in each topic covered. Obama, without his teleprompter, […]

Democrats reduce women to 'lady parts'

From the link http://barackobama.tumblr.com/post/32683015127/vennstiel-because-they-kinda-do-really.


“Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It…Because they kinda do.”

Ann Althouse Althouse 10/2/2012

Something that was on the Obama campaign website and, when widely noticed, taken down. Imagine if the sexes were reversed: Vote like your manhood depends on it… because it kinda does.

Click […]

On PBS, Lehrer Asked Pelosi: Are Your Tactics a ‘Model’ for Major Legislation?

Tim Graham NewsBusters.org 3/27/2010

PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer interviewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday night, and did not directly suggest to her that there was something suspicious in Cornhusker Kickbacks and deem-and-pass strategies. He began by simply asking: “Do you see the way you did health care reform as a model for enacting […]