National Immigration Forum Funded by Soros and the Left

Matthew Boyle Big Government 2 June 2013

The National Immigration Forum (NIF), the force behind the so-called “Evangelical Immigration Table” (EIT), is actually a front group for players on the institutional left including billionaire George Soros and the Ford Foundation, according to reporting by Breitbart News and other outlets.

According to the Huffington Post, […]

Progressive Christian Guru/Obama Advisor Jim Wallis Admits Lie about George Soros Funding

Yid with Lid 8/22/2010

There is an old saying that politics make strange bedfellows. A great example of this is seen in the union of a George Soros, Jewish born billionaire who collaborated with the Nazis and was convicted of insider trading, funding the organization of Jim Wallis Christian writer and political activist, founder and […]

The Gamaliel Foundation 2005 and Barack Obama

Americans for Prosperity 3/23/2010

AFP finds hidden video exposing Gamaliel and its connections to Obama Spiritual Adviser Jeremiah Wright, founding member of Obama’s Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Jim Wallis, and ACORN Founder Wade Rathke.

Subtitled portions of the same video, as well as related clips, from