The unspoken WH rule: Don’t cross Valerie Jarrett

Janeen Capizola BizPac Review 10/28/2013

The staggering influence President Obama’s best friend and closest advisor Valerie Jarrett wields in the White House is baffling, but certainly no secret.

Which might explain the all-out manhunt for the anonymous tweeter who was recently fired for insulting and bashing members of the buy viagra us Obama administration, and […]

CNN Anchor: Obama Administration Threatens Reporter’s Jobs

Rob Port Say Anything 10/23/2013

It’s not exactly news that the Obama administration is known for playing hardball with reporters, but earlier today CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello made a startling comment about just how ugly things get sometimes while talking about the controversy over Jofi Joseph and his Twitter account.

I’ve been using this […]