Feds Want Prison Time for Dinesh D’Souza

Democrats John Edwards and Jon Corzine couldn’t be reached for comment.

Aleister Legal Insurrection 9/12/2014

Even though conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has admitted wrongdoing in a case where he violated campaign finance law, many of his supporters believe he’s being harshly prosecuted for political reasons.

A new development in his case reported by […]

A pollster under oath

Josh Gerstein Politico 10/2/2012

…In May, the pollster for Al Gore’s presidential bid in 2000 and John Edwards’s in 2004 and 2008, Harrison Hickman, took the stand in the federal criminal case against Edwards over alleged campaign finance violations stemming from payments to support Edwards’s mistress.

Under oath, Hickman admitted that in the final weeks […]

Reporter admits going easy on Obama adviser Axelrod to not hurt his feelings. Book: Obama won’t hesitate to go negative on Romney

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 8/20/2012

A new e-book on the Obama administration says presidential adviser David Axelrod is so popular with reporters that one privately admits to avoiding writing tough stories that would upset him.

Author Glenn Thrush doesn’t name the reporter in his “Obama’s Last Stand” e-book, but wrote that “Axe” is “so […]

‘People like Obama, Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Tony Blair can talk you into anything.’

Althouse 6/19/2012

“I sort of prefer the square, stilted politicians like Romney, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Al Gore. “

To me, they seem more “real,” because most normal people would not be very adept at convincing a nation of hundreds of millions that “I’m basically like you; we want the same things.” Most ordinary citizens […]

The concerted effort of the Kerry-Edwards campaign to exploit, for political purposes, the sexuality of Dick Cheney’s daughter

B. Daniel Blatt Gay Patriot 10/4/2011

…When Edwards’s running mate brought up Mary Cheney’s sexuality in the presidential debate a week later, her father concluded that

. . . it was obvious that there was a concerted effort by the Kerry-Edwards campaign to remind viewers that my daughter Mary was gay, to bring her into […]

Elizabeth Edwards has died

WRAL 12/7/2010

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Elizabeth Edwards, the political wife whose public battle with breast cancer, coping with marital infidelity and continued advocacy for the downtrodden raised her profile above that of her husband, died Tuesday, WRAL News has learned. She was 61.

Edwards died at her Chapel Hill home, where family and friends […]