Whole Foods CEO: ‘Business Has Been Hated by the Intellectuals and Elites for All Time’

Joel Griffith Breitbart.com Big Government 18 Feb 2013

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey delivered the opening keynote address for the International Students for Liberty Conference this weekend. Mackey stressed that capitalism has the power to eradicate poverty in the next century, expressed concern over capitalism’s “branding problem”, and maintained that “self-interest” alone is an insufficient […]

No Obamacare: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey plans to open private office for employees to get free healthcare

Glenn Beck 2/7/2013


Glenn has had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Whole Foods over the years (let us not forget the story about the torture of lobsters during transport), but he has always had a tremendous amount of respect for Whole Foods co-CEO, John Mackey.

Mackey is a libertarian at heart, […]

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Stepping Down As Chairman

The Huffington Post 12/25/2009

PHILADELPHIA — The chief executive of organic supermarket chain Whole Foods Market Inc. is giving up his title of chairman, following years of petitioning by an activist shareholder to separate the two roles.

Co-founder and CEO John Mackey is voluntarily giving up his chairmanship, a position he’s held since the Austin, […]

Reason TV: Whole Foods chief Mackey defends capitalism

“I believe in capitalism, I believe in markets, I believe in individual empowerment.” –John Mackey

by Ed Morrissey HotAir.com October 14, 2009

Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch interview the man who became the unlikely villain for the Left in the debate over health-care reform: John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods. Mackey tells Reason.tv that he […]

The Conscience of a Capitalist

The Whole Foods founder talks about his Journal health-care op-ed that spawned a boycott, how he deals with unions, and why he thinks CEOs are overpaid.

By STEPHEN MOORE The Wall Street Journal October 3, 2009

“I honestly don’t know why the article became such a lightning rod,” says John Mackey, CEO and founder of […]

“An honest opinion differing from Washington wisdom was too much for the radical left”

Whole Fools Boycott By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Monday, August 24, 2009

“John Mackey is a successful entrepreneur. Unlike many politicians, he has actual experience providing health care for private-sector workers. So as the debate over reform cranked up, he wrote an Aug. 12 op-ed for tThe Wall Street Journal describing “The Whole Foods Alternative […]