A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts

Finally some good news for Democrats.

A fortuitous head-stomping lifts lefty hearts.

Althouse 10/26/2010

ADDED: I’m trying to understand the scope of the political theater depicted in the video and reported here. The woman, a Moveon.org employee, came to the debate to create a scene, we’re told, by presenting a joke “award” to Ron Paul. […]

MA Chief Law Enforcement Official Ignores Political Assault; DSCC’s Meehan Apologizes

Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain January 13, 2010

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. ET: Michael “I Work For Me” Meehan admits he was “was a little too aggressive” with John McCormack — a convenient admission, considering that the incident was caught on video and photographs.

PREVIOUSLY: What else can you say about this photo?

A […]

This Photo May Change The Election

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 1/12/2010

A hot story today is how a reporter for The Weekly Standard was shoved to the ground by a Martha Coakley campaign worker when the reporter tried to ask Coakley why she was attending a fundraiser with lobbyists.

But another part of the story, as pointed out at HotAir, […]

Martha Coakley staffer allegedly assaults journalist John McCormack

“She knew that there was a reporter who asked her a question. We had met before. I asked her four questions. She saw me get knocked to the ground and kept walking,” said McCormack. “I wouldn’t say I was surprised. … She’s decided she’s entitled to the seat without answering questions on issues […]

Coakley Thug Roughs Up Reporter

CAJ UPDATES 1/13/2010: From Powerline: McCormack has also tentatively identified his assailant as a Blue Line Strategic Communications principal consulting with the DSCC on media for Coakley by the name of Michael Meehan.

And, William A. Jacobson of LegalInsurrection.com via Powerline: William Jacobson argues that “this photo may change the election.” Then again, it may […]