Obama Reportedly Claims to Know More About Judaism Than Any Other President

Erica Ritz The Blaze 5/30/2012

The day before he mistakenly attributed the German death camps — where millions of Jews were murdered — to Poland, President Obama met with twenty leading Conservative rabbis to thank them for their shared commitment in rebuilding the U.S. economy, and their collective contributions to society.

There, according to the […]

Hanukkah–In Those Days, at This Time

TheLandOfIsrael YouTube 12/17/2011

What is the miracle of Hanukkah really about?

One days’ worth of olive oil lasting for 8 days, was indeed, miraculous…. but there is so much more to this holiday than meets the eye.

Hanukkah is the miraculous story of the Jewish People, and as you will see -the story never […]

In which city will foreskins be more protected by law than fetuses?

22 February 2011

Why, it could only be in crazy ol’ San Fran, of course. Is there no area of our private lives in which these progressives will not meddle and exert their control?

From The Blaze.

And more at RedState.

We knew someone would get around to this sooner or later when conservatives began […]