15 Photos From the Tahrir Square Protests You’ll Never See In Legacy Media.

Tyler Durden Zero Hedge 7/2/2013

Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog,

Our interventionist foreign policy is the gift that keeps on giving. Is there any Middle Eastern country that we haven’t screwed up yet? Oh yeah – Iran. Give Obama and McCain time. That will be the clusterfuck that destroys the world.


Cruz: US ‘Entrenched as Enemy of the Secular, Pro-Democracy Opposition’ in Egypt

Ben Shapiro Breitbart.com Big Government 3 Jul 2013

On Thursday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) penned a scathing editorial in Foreign Policy ripping President Obama’s ambiguous foreign policy on Egypt. The Obama administration has hinted that it will cut aid to Egypt should the military depose Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi.

“Unlike the angry, disaffected youth […]