Obama’s Katrina

Jules Crittenden Foreward Movement 7/14/2010

This CBS poll suggests that the Obama administration, in order to be better liked, basically needs to pack it in. It’s the economy, and he’s acted stupidly.

It’s an ugly picture, looks like a hurricane just rolled through or maybe an oil rig exploded or the Basij militia just quelled […]

Liberal bastions lament as the blue fades

H/T Jules Crittenden who wrote:

You know about the ”Thank Me, I’m from Massachusetts” t-shirts, right? O, bitter irony!

Liberal bastions lament as the blue fades By David Filipov The Boston Globe January 22, 2010

AMHERST – They filed in and out of coffeehouses, all but crying in their cappuccinos, barely touching their carrot […]

Jules Crittenden: Required Reading

At the high school in la-di-da Hingham on Boston’s South Shore: “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.” Parents complained, and the principal said their kids could read another memoir of their choice. She just never told all the other saps, who got stuck reading the vanity campaign tome.

Boston Herald: […]