Conservative Landslide in Australian Elections

Stephen K. Bannon and Alexander Marlow Big Peace 7 Sep 2013

The conservatives won a stunning landslide victory in Australia’s national elections, capturing 53% of the vote Saturday. Conservative leaders emphasized a hard line against immigration, a carbon tax, and continual increases in government spending. This “no compromise” attitude became a key to victory.


Julia Gillard – New Aussie P.M.’s Red Roots

Australia has its first female Prime minister “Red Julia” Gillard.

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 6/24/2010

Often touted as a moderate, or even to the “right” by Australian Labor Party standards, she is unfortunately, anything but.

Gillard is a member of the socialist Australian Fabian Society, joining through her membership in an even more left organization […]

Rudd’s out. Australia now has its first female Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is Australia’s new Prime Minister

Malcolm Farr, Alison Rehn, Steve Lewis and Simon Benson The Daily Telegraph [AU] 6/23/2010

AUSTRALIA’S first woman Prime Minister will be sworn in by the nation’s first female Governor-General after Julia Gillard was handed the Labor leadership by Kevin Rudd this morning.

Mr Rudd did not […]