Loop rally, march targeting Chicago Public School closings lead to 127 detained

Ellen Jean Hirst and Bridget Doyle The Chicago Tribune 3/27/2013

On a day when Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the time for negotiations on school closings was over, the Chicago Teachers Union led hundreds of supporters in a highly orchestrated downtown rally and march as part of its continuing efforts to derail the district’s plan to […]

CTU President Karen Lewis laughs about lying to parents, turning students into ‘hostages’




Kyle Olson EAGnews.org 3/27/2013

NEW YORK – Why is our government education system so dysfunctional? Perhaps because parents often don’t get the truth and administrators and teachers are constantly fighting each other.

That much can be discerned from the words of Karen Lewis, president of the radical Chicago Teachers Union.

Lewis […]

Texas 6th graders design flags for a new socialist nation

Kyle Olson EAGnews.org 2/4/2013

AUSTIN – You know America is changing when leftists have even infiltrated Texas schools.

According to the website txcscopereview.com, a lesson plan for 6th graders in government schools reads as follows:

Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist […]

Union boss suggests a return to days of violence between labor and the rich

Chicago Teachers Union boss Karen LewisCredits: Courtesy of Americandigest.org


Kenneth Schortgen Jr National Finance Examiner 1/8/2013

There was a time in our nation’s history when workers needed to come together and stand strong in solidarity and union. The tragedies that took place in 19th century America regarding unsafe working conditions, low pay, […]