10 Years After This City Seized A Woman’s Land: An Empty Lot

Connor D. Wolf The Libertarian Republic 6/24/2015

It’s been a decade since the city of New London, Conn. forcibly took the Fort Trumbull neighborhood for what became private-development, and now all that remains is an empty lot.

In 1998, the area surrounding the waterfront neighborhood saw an increased surge of economic development. This prompted city […]

Great news: Cities to apply ‘Kelo’ to … mortgages

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 7/6/2012

If one wanted to craft a strategy to make the home-mortgage market even less stable, increase already-unsustainable public debt, and erode private property rights even further than we have already seen, it would be hard to top a new idea from California, of all places. Two cities have fashioned a plan […]

EPA in huge power grab to control all ditches and gullies on private land

J. D. Heyes Natural News 6/14/2012

As the federal Leviathan becomes ever larger and all-powerful, its Executive Branch tentacles reach further and further into the American fabric as it seeks to exert authority and control over more and more of our lives.

The latest power-mad grab can be attributed to the not-so-illustrious Environmental Protection Agency […]

Judge Napolitano on House Vote to Overturn Court’s Eminent Domain Ruling

Fox News Insider 2/29/2012

On Tuesday, the House approved legislation to overturn the 2005 Supreme Court decision that declared the ability of states to take control of private property under the doctrine of eminent domain and hand it to another private developer.

Judge Andrew Napolitano talked about this issue on Your World, calling it an […]

Connecticut Supreme Court Justice to Susette Kelo: ‘I’m sorry’

Damon W. Root Reason Magazine 9/19/2011

A hell of a story from The Hartford Courant’s Jeff Benedict, who was present for an extraordinary encounter between Connecticut Supreme Court Justice Richard N. Palmer and Susette Kelo, the homeowner he once voted against in the infamous eminent domain case:

I had delivered the keynote address [at the […]

Kelo Update: Guess What New Developer Wants Before Going Forward?

TBlumer BizzyBlog 4/23/2011

click for larger view of Kelo house

In its infamous June 2005 Kelo vs. New London ruling, a Supreme Court majority allowed the city of New London to seize the properties of holdout homeowners in that city’s Fort Trumbull area for the “public purpose” of economic development, not a “public […]