13 Gripping Images of Armed Americans Who Were Ready to Defend #BundyRanch

Filming Cops 4/21/2014

NEVADA — As the Bundy Ranch stand-off between Americans and functionaries of the State unfolded last week, we all saw the reports of armed supporters from several surrounding areas heading to the ranch.

According to some reports, up to 5,000 militia members were en route just hours before the federal officers stood […]

Western states demand feds return public land amid clamor for more drilling

Bob Abbey, the director of the federal Bureau of Land Management, recently said Utah lawmakers’ efforts are “divisive and unproductive.” “It’s sad that they are spending so much time debating something that has absolutely no chance of ever happening in the real world.”


Joseph Weber FoxNews.com 3/27/2012

Several Western states, fed up […]