Costner cleanup device gets high marks from BP

Yahoo! News 6/25/2010

It was treated as an oddball twist in the otherwise wrenching saga of the BP oil spill when Kevin Costner stepped forward to promote a device he said could work wonders in containing the spill’s damage. But as Henry Fountain explains in the New York Times, the gadget in question — an […]

Kevin Costner talks to Congress about his oil spill cleanup machine

Richard Sisk New York Daily News 6/9/2010

WASHINGTON – Kevin Costner co-starred Wednesday in a blame-game Congressional production aimed on the Gulf oil spill.

“I’m not here because I heard a voice in a cornfield,” Costner said in a reference to his mega-hit “Field of Dreams.”

It was the only joke Costner told as he […]

Lawmakers look to another celebrity for answers on oil spill

Michaela Martens The Hill 6/8/2010

Lawmakers are looking to another celebrity for answers on the BP oil spill.

“Waterworld” and “Field of Dreams” star Kevin Costner will testify Thursday at a hearing of the House Committee on Science and Technology, alongside a number of experts on how to handle the ecological disaster in the […]

Kevin Costner’s $24M Dollar Oil Centrifuge

Mike Kunzelman, Associated Press Writer, New Orleans via Product Design and Development 5/21/2010

BP is using chemical dispersants to fight the oil spill, but at least one high-profile advocate has convinced the company to employ devices that essentially would vacuum up the oil.

Kevin Costner has invested more than $24 million to develop centrifuge […]