2013: Welcome to Very, Very Scary Times

Victor Davis Hanson Works and Days Pajamas Media 1/2/2013

…an alignment of the planets is favoring America as never before — as long as we do not do something stupid to nullify what fate, our ancestors, and our own ingenuity have given us. But unfortunately that is precisely what is now happening.

…The New Hubris


A century of world history from 1911 to 2011 summed up in 10 minutes of YouTube clips

Ted Thornhill Daily Mail [UK] 3rd January 2012

It’s a great way to brush up on your history – but some may find parts a bit depressing.

YouTube user derDon1234 has squashed 100 years of world events from 1911 to 2011 into a 10-minute clip using authentic footage.

It charts some of our greatest achievements, […]

Nuon Chea defends actions in Khmer Rouge genocide trial

Top Khmer Rouge leader Nuon Chea has defended his actions at a UN-backed court in Cambodia, on the second day of his genocide trial.

BBC News 22 November 2011

A prosecutor said he and his two co-defendants had “murdered, tortured and terrorised” their own people.

But Nuon Chea, Pol Pot’s deputy, said he had worked […]

Year Zero

Peter Wilson American Thinker 4/17/2010

The Khmer Rouge declared revolutionary Year Zero thirty-five years ago today, on April 17, 1975, the day Communist guerrillas in black pajamas and truck-tire sandals marched victoriously through the streets of Phnom Penh. An indication of the regime’s brutality came within 24 hours, when the Khmer Rouge ordered the two […]