Court: Homeland Security Must Disclose ‘Internet Kill Switch’

DHS protocol governs shutting down wireless networks to prevent bomb detonation

CJ Ciaramella The Washington Free Beacon 11/13/2013

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must disclose its plans for a so-called Internet “kill switch,” a federal court ruled on Tuesday.

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia rejected the agency’s arguments that […]

Another view of CISPA

Tech at Night: CISPA passes the House, FCC passes campaign regulations, Boehner calls out Obama

Neil Stevens RedState 4/28/2012

So, the Internet died this week or something. CISPA was amended much, as I gather mostly tightening up some alleged privacy concerns. Then it passed the House. I don’t know if it’ll become law, but […]

All your domain names are belong to Obama…

MadisonConservative The Greenroom 2/7/2011

Of course. After all, technology is really just a “distraction”.

The Obama administration is quietly seeking the power for it and other governments to veto future top-level domain names, a move that raises questions about free expression, national sovereignty, and the role of states in shaping the future of the […]

Egypt’s Internet crackdown makes ‘kill switch’ bill a wee bit less popular

Ed Morrissey 2/1/2011

Imagine if the government had the power to disconnect an entire country from its Internet service. Actually, we don’t have to imagine it; we have seen it happen in the past week, as the Mubarak regime in Egypt tried in vain to keep protesters from organizing on Twitter, Facebook, and other […]

In the event of cyber attack, let’s rely on and trust…the government?

Seton Motley Washington Examiner 7/2/2010

“Right now, China, the government, can disconnect parts of its internet, in the case of war, we need to have that here too.”

– Senator Joe Lieberman

The number of Americans still clinging to the notion that the government is competent and capable of anything […]

Obama internet kill switch plan approved by U.S. Senate

President could get power to turn off Internet

Grant Gross 25 June 10

A US Senate committee has approved a wide-ranging cybersecurity bill that some critics have suggested would give the US president the authority to shut down parts of the Internet during a cyberattack.

Senator Joe Lieberman and other bill sponsors have refuted […]