Who is this guy?

Larry O’Connor BigGovernment.com 4/29/2010

While scouring the thousands of videos that exist on YouTube from the March 20th health care bill protests in Washington DC, we were able to uncover four different angles of the Cannon Office Building at the precise moment Rep. Andre Carson and Rep. John Lewis descended the steps on their way […]

The Democrats’ Fake Hate Crime

Mark Steyn National Review 4/3/2010

Jonah mentioned this the other day in his column, but the tireless Andrew Breitbart returns to the theme, to devastating effect.

On March 20th, something truly extraordinary happened. On the eve of the health care vote, a group of black Democrat Congressmen (eschewing the private tunnels they usually use to […]

Barack Obama’s Helter-Skelter, Insane Clown Posse, Alinsky Plans to ‘Deconstruct’ America

Andrew Breitbart BigJournalism.com 4/2/2010

After 14 months of committing 100% to health care reform, the day after the signing of the Health Care bill was to mark the Democratic Party’s new primary concern: destroy the uprising, annihilate by all means necessary, the Tea Party movement.

The first sign that a plan was in place was […]

Rep. Cleaver denies he claimed to have been spat upon by Obamacare protesters in DC

Black Dem Rep. Who Was Reportedly Spit on by Tea Party Protester: I Never Claimed to Have Been Spit on Intentionally, Others Are Making the Claim on My Behalf, Refuses to Confirm it Happened..

WeaselZippers 4/2/2010

More proof this claim is 100% bullshit. If Rep. Emanuel Cleaver was spit on he would be milking it […]

We’re Learning ‘The Chicago Way’: Union Thugs Won’t Intimidate Anonymously Anymore

Larry O’Connor BigJournalism.com 3/31/2010

Over the past two days, BigGovernment.com has been exposing the identities of members of IBEW Local 357 who taunted, harassed, intimidated and threw eggs at peaceful Tea Party protestors in Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada last weekend. This could signal in important turning point in citizen journalism and the use […]

Video Seems To Confirm No Spitting On Congressman

Dan Riehl RiehlWorldView 3/24/2010

There’s some higher resolution video below I hadn’t seen before. Unlike what was claimed during recent Tea Party protests in Washington, DC, it would appear Cleaver was simply walking close by in front of a protester. The protester’s hands were cupped as he was shouting. While it appears Cleaver may have […]