Bundy’s comments on race provide breaking point for Paul, Heller

Ed Morrissey Hot Air 4/24/2014

And probably most other Cliven Bundy supporters as well, assuming that the New York Times report of his Saturday press conference is accurate. National Journal’s Brian Resnick described these comments as something “overheard” by the Times, but the Times report itself puts them in the context of an open meeting […]

Kira Davis: Human Nature

Kira Davis YouTube 4/22/2013

Why some Americans are ignorant of human nature and how that ignorance shortchanges domestic and foreign policy.

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H/T Alfonzo Rachel

Former VA Gov. Doug Wilder Appears at Romney Fundraiser

Bryan Preston The PJ Tatler PJ Media 8/16/2012

At a fundraiser at the Richmond, VA Marriott tonight for the Romney campaign, there was a surprise guest. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell introduced Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who in turn introduced Rep. Paul Ryan. But before McDonnell took the mic, another figure was acknowledging dignitaries in the […]

Transcript: Mitt Romney’s Speech to The NAACP Convention

Kathleen McKinley The Houston Chronicle 7/11/2012

Below is the speech Mitt Romney gave to the NAACP. I wanted you to be able to read if you weren’t able to see it in it’s entirety. I think it is point on. The left cannot spin the suffering of the black community in Obama’s economy. Mitt addresses […]