Did Hedge Funds Throw The 2008 Election?

Among MFA members, George Soros is the most well known. He has made his fortune by short selling and then pouring his private wealth into shadow organizations to subvert various nations. Hastening a market meltdown to give the election to Barack Obama would fit with his pattern of profiting while destroying the social […]

Sen. Grassley Investigation: SEC Has Destroyed Evidence to Prevent Probe

Uncoverage 8/17/2011

We reported the story yesterday that shameless SEC Chief Mary Schapiro is allowing her agency to be the “useful tool” of retribution of the Chicago-Mafioso-in-Chief, as he seeks to punish S&P for the credit downgrade by alleging “insider trading.”

That predatory witch hunt is a “deflection” of what is REALLY going on: If […]

Lehman Investigator: SEC Failed to Ask Crucial Questions

Tiernan Ray Barrons.com 4/20/2010

The man of the hour is Anton Valukas, the bankruptcy investigator into Lehman Brothers’s collapse.

The public’s trust, Valukas tells the House Financial Services Committee, in the Securities & Exchange Commission’s regulation of Lehman was not fulfilled.

The SEC knew that Lehman was failing its own risk limits in 2008, but […]

Lehman Brothers hid borrowing, Geithner may bear some responsibility

The Daily Caller 3/12/2010

A new report is out by the bank examiner hired by Lehman Brothers to assess the reasons for the financial company’s collapse and the final product is not pretty.

The New York Times reports:

“But the examiner, Anton R. Valukas, also for the first time, laid out what the report characterized […]

How Lehman and A.I.G. lead to TARP and where we are one year later