Finally. Congress concerned about the vulnerability of the nation’s power grid

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 4/16/2014

INFRASTRUCTURE: Security holes in power grid have federal officials scrambling: In Congress, the vulnerability of the power grid has emerged as among the most pressing domestic security concerns.

Say, did I mention that Bill Quick has a new disaster novel out?

Lloyd’s of London preparing for euro collapse

The chief executive of the multi-billion pound Lloyd’s of London has publicly admitted that the world’s leading insurance market is prepared for a collapse in the single currency and has reduced its exposure “as much as possible” to the crisis-ridden continent.

Andrew Cave The Sunday Telegraph [UK] 27 May 2012

Richard Ward said the London […]

Insurance market Lloyd’s cuts European debt exposure

AFP via TerraDaily 9/21/2011

The Lloyd’s of London insurance market said Wednesday that it has slashed its exposure to European government debt and pulled cash out of some of the region’s banks amid the deepening eurozone crisis.

“Given the uncertainty around the eurozone, it’s only natural that we would seek to reduce any potential downside […]

Lloyd’s puts dollar value on BP spill loss

Hilary Whiteman CNN 5/27/2010

London, England (CNN) — As the BP oil spill continues to blacken waters in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, Lloyd’s of London has issued its first estimate of net claims from the disaster.

The world’s largest insurance market says total claims from explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig could […]