Joint Chiefs chairman to retired military: Stop slamming Obama!

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 9/18/2012

The nation’s top uniformed military official on Monday advised current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces to refrain from what he termed “partisan politics.” His statement comes as a result of groups of Navy SEALs, intelligence officials and others, such as Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, who […]

Meanwhile, in Florida’s 22nd Congressional district…

3 November 2010

…those racist Tea Partiers were at it again:

H/T Jammie Wearing Fool

Update: From Gates of Vienna, Col. Allen West’s Victory Speech

…As regular readers know, Col. West is a staunch Counterjihad activist with up-close and personal experience of the Iraqi variant of the Great Jihad. When he arrives in Congress, […]

Hannity Radio interviews Allen West

28 September 2010

Yesterday we spent several hours driving and tried to listen to talk radio in the car. We knew that Sean Hannity was going to interview Allen West but were out of range of the AM station by the time the segment aired. We’re grateful to TheRightScoop for posting the interview!

Please click […]

Allen West: Institutional racism is gone

TheRightScoop 9/15/2010

Another reason we need Allen West to be president. This interview covers a few topics – racism, Republican establishment, illegal immigration, and Islam. And yeah, I really liked what he said about Islam.

Note: This appears to be a heavily edited interview. I’m not saying it was edited to make him look bad, […]

Allen West gives masterful speech supporting the Leavenworth 10

TheRightScoop 9/7/2010

On September 4th, Lt. Col. Allen West spoke out against the incarceration of the Leavenworth 10. The Leavenworth 10, for those of you who don’t know, are incarcerated at the Fort Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks for crimes the military said they committed in Iraq. These men were in combat and apparently killing the enemy […]

Allen West on Radical Islam

Trevor Loudon New Zeal 7/30/2010

Florida congressional candidate Lt Col. Allen West in usual excellent form, discussing Islamic radicalism.