Joe Kennedy III Says a Drone Killed Bin Laden and Other Notes on the Sean Bielat Race

Prudence The Prudence Paine Papers 10/28/2012

In the race to fill the Massachusetts 4th Congressional seat being vacated by Barney Frank (D-MA), trust fund Democrat Joe Kennedy III is pitting his name, inexperience and ignorance against Marine and small businessman Sean Bielat.

So far, Kennedy has had problems in knowing that Jerusalem (not Tel Aviv, […]

A GOP unknown is in striking range of Barney Frank

Byron York Washington Examiner 9/30/2010

…Bielat is 35 years old, a Marine who spent four years on active duty and is now a major in the Reserve. He’s a graduate of Georgetown University with a master’s from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. He’s devoted a good portion of his professional life to manufacturing […]

Sean Bielat to Replace Barney Frank in November

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 9/15/2010

Republican voters in Massachusetts’ Fourth Congressional District picked businessman Sean Bielat to replace the unhappy Barney Frank in Congress next fall, but the mean-spirited Democrat seems averse to facing his Republican challenger in a head-to-head debate:

He said he is ready and willing to debate any candidate, mentioning that he […]