The seduction of Chief Justice Roberts

Wesley Pruden The Washington Times 7/3/2012

…His friends say that criticism in the newspapers and on television gets easily under his skin, that he has been for so long the golden boy — Harvard Law, top-of-the-line Washington law firm (Hogan & Hartson), a clerkship for a chief justice (William Rehnquist) — that he imagines he […]

UK, Germany fly secret evac missions into Libya

Kirsten Grieshaber and Sylvia Hui The Washington Post 2/27/2011

BERLIN — British and German military planes swooped into Libya’s desert, rescuing hundreds of oil workers and civilians stranded at remote sites, as thousands of other foreigners are still stuck in Tripoli by bad weather and red tape.

The secret military missions into the turbulent North […]

‘Home at last’: Ferry packed with U.S. citizens fleeing Libya has finally arrived in Malta

Headline updated from, Libya unrest: Hundreds of U.S. citizens STILL stranded as Obama pressure to act grows

Oliver Tree Daily Mail [UK] 25th February 2011

Boat packed with U.S. citizens lands in Malta Experts ask why a bigger boat wasn’t used like the Greeks and Turkish Libyans refuse to let U.S. chartered planes land

A […]