Boehner Kills Internet Sales Tax Bill

Steven Dennis Roll Call 11/10/2014

Tax-free Internet shopping is safe for now thanks to Speaker John A. Boehner.

A bill granting states the ability to force out-of-state websites to collect Internet sales tax is dead, according to the Ohio Republican’s spokesman.

“The speaker has made clear in the past he has significant concerns about the […]

Senate passes internet sales tax bill amid opposition from conservatives

Bill to overturn 1992 court decision has support of Obama, Amazon and Walmart – but its future in the House is uncertain

Dominic Rushe The Guardian [UK] 6 May 2013

The US Senate on Monday passed a bill aimed at ending tax-free shopping on the internet but the move looks set to face fierce opposition […]

The Internet Sales Tax Rush

Harry Reid and Wal-Mart hope nobody will notice their online revenue raid.

The Wall Street Journal 4/21/2013

Every time Congress has taken a serious look at proposals to boost Internet sales taxes, it has rejected them. That’s probably why pro-tax Senators are trying to rush through an online tax hike with as little consideration as […]

Marketplace Fairness Act: Some Republicans Support Sales Tax for Online Purchases

Capitol Confidential Big Government 7/21/2012

…By allowing states to require out-of-state, online-only retailers to collect and remit sales taxes already owed but rarely paid on purchases by state residents, Congress would ensure that states have far less rationale for pursuing new taxes, such as a value-added-tax (VAT) or income taxes in states that currently […]