May 1st Should be Remembered as Victims of Communism Day

Rob Port Say Anything Blog 5/1/2012

Since 2007 Ilya Somin has been using the occasion of May 1st, the traditional day of international solidarity for the world’s labor and socialist movements, to commemorate the victims of that horrendous ideology.

He calls it the Victims of Communism Day, and he hopes we will begin to commemorate […]

#Occupy May 1st

Occupy Student Debt Althouse 4/28/2012


Nice poster… but what’s going on? There’s this:

The Occupy Student Debt Campaign, organised by members of Occupy Wall Street, planned rallies in at least a dozen cities including the college towns of Ann Arbor in Michigan, Madison in Wisconsin, and Newark in Delaware, the home of the […]

Greece erupts at men from IMF prepare to wield axe

Anger is intensifying over cuts to be made as part of the EU deal to save the economy

Matthew Campbell in Athens The Sunday Times [UK] 2 May 2010

MAY DAY protests in Greece turned violent yesterday as youths in gas masks and hoods set fire to vehicles, smashed shop fronts and threw molotov cocktails […]

May day, May day

By Alberto de la Cruz Babalu Blog 4/30/2010

American Thinker‘s Robin of Berkeley is a self-described “recovering liberal” who lives and works in the American mecca of leftist ideology, Berkeley, California. She has penned an excellent piece in commemoration of May Day that compares her view of the Marxist holiday from the days when she […]