Brennan opposed 1990s attempt to capture bin Laden

Karen DeYoung The Washington Post 2/7/2013

(Jewel Samad/AFP)


A bit of news early in John Brennan’s testimony: Former CIA official Michael Scheuer has charged that Brennan, as chief of the CIA station in Saudi Arabia during the late 1990s, convinced the Clinton administration not to attempt an operation to capture Osama bin […]

The Iranian Plot in DC Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

Some Terror Threats Are Real Freedom Watch FoxBusiness 10/12/2011

The Judge explains the post-9/11 history of terror plots created and facilitated by the FBI and what it means for the alleged Iranian plot.

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Department of Injustice FoxBusiness 10/13/2011

Former CIA Bin Laden hunter Michael Scheuer on the alleged Iranian […]