People's Climate Marchers Trash The Town To Promote Communism

Marooned in Marin 9/21/2014

Up in New York City today, there was a big march called the Peoples Climate March, to raise “awareness” about combating the man-made fraud known as GloBULL Warming.

Algore was there, as was actor Leonardo di Crapio.

But this “march” showed the hypocrisy not only of the big promoters like di […]

Welcome to Next Generation: Allen West On a New PJ Initiative

Pajamasmedia YouTube 1/16/2013

Allen West, Michelle Fields, and John Phillips discuss a new initiative from PJMedia that focuses on the Next Generation of Americans and how we all should stand up for our future and our country.



Join us in standing up for our future at:



Patriotic Millionaires for Higher Taxes Turn Out Not to be So Patriotic After All

Rob Port Say Anything 12/27/2011

Recently in Washington DC a group of self-described “rich” and “one percenter” political activists gathered to ask Congress to raise their taxes. The call themselves the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength. The idea is that they believe they’re under taxed, and want the government to take more from them to […]

We don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!

giliar Hump Day Report 11/4/2011

This is priceless – Accuracy in Media went down to the OWS utopia in D.C. as “headhunters,” telling people that they were hiring. You MUST listen to the excuses for not wanting jobs. And be sure to watch to the very end to find out the result of their employee […]