Do you know your rights?

Here Are the Rights You Have When Interacting With a Police Officer in One Detailed Infographic

Jason Howerton The Blaze 1/2/2014

Constitutional rights aren’t all that effective if you don’t know what they are. A new infographic released by seeks to help Americans understand what rights they do and don’t have when […]

Tyranny just around the corner

The president’s men trash the Constitution to pursue antagonists

Andrew P. Napolitano The Washington Times 5/23/2013

A few weeks ago, President Obama advised graduates at Ohio State University that they need not listen to voices warning about tyranny around the corner, because we have self-government in America. He argued that self-government is in and of […]

FBI Informant Claims Taliban Operatives Are Living In America, ‘They Can Commit Jihad At Any Time, They Hate America’…

Zip Weasel Zippers 4/26/2013

Don’t forget, increasing surveillance on possible Muslim terrorists is horribly racist according to the Democrats…

…“I am an informant and all I can tell you is that Talibans are walking freely right here in the soil of America right now, right now.”

That’s the haunting worry of South Floridian David Mahmood […]

Dershowitz: US on “Shaky Constitutional Grounds” to Interrogate Boston Suspect Without Miranda

Paul Scicchitano Newsmax 21 Apr 2013

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax that federal investigators will be on “shaky constitutional grounds” if they try to interrogate the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect without first reading him his Miranda rights, and that there is no “absolutely” no grounds to hold the suspect as an enemy […]

Lawyer of recently released ex-marine speaks to Glenn Beck about violation of civil rights

Glenn Beck 8/23/2012

On GBTV Thursday night, Glenn interviewed John Whitehead, lawyer for Brandon Raub, the ex-marine who was taken into custody after he posted some controversial remarks on Facebook.

Earlier in the show, Glenn had criticized the authorities for taking Raub into custody without any warrant or pressing any charges. He pointed out that […]

Marine Vet Arrested by FBI allegedly ‘for Patriotic Posts on Facebook’

Joe Miller 18 Aug 2012

According to his mother, Marine Veteran Brandon J Raub, discharged just this past year, was arrested yesterday by local law enforcement, apparently with the FBI and Secret Service standing by. His mother also notes that he was taken into custody simply because of his patriotic Facebook postings. Listen to this […]