Sen. Rand Paul Hammers Hillary Clinton at Senate Hearing on the Benghazi Terror Attack: ‘Had I been President at the Time . . . I would have Relieved You of Your Post’

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 1/23/2013

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before Senate Foreign Relations Committee today.

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Also from the hearings: Hillary Clinton Angered at Senate Questioning on Benghazi Terror Attack: “What Difference Does it Make” who the Attackers were?

‘Umm. Ooops.’: The Top 5 Answers to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Question of ‘What […]

Your feel-good election post of the weekend

CAJ note: This article was so good, we could not help but post it in its entirety. We hope Mr. Lane will understand!

Moe Lane 10/31/2010

What a title: “Grim Democrats await huge House losses.” Not nearly as much as we are, of course: but they’re frantically counting up their likely losses, and forecasting […]

Grassley blocks Solomont nomination over firing of Americorps Inspector General Walpin

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2009 by Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain

You get busy, you miss something:

Republican Sen. Charles Grassley has blocked the ambassadorial nomination of Alan Solomont, currently chairman of the board of the government agency that oversees AmeriCorps, in retaliation for what Grassley says is the administration’s stonewalling of Congress over documents […]

AARP meets with some Dallas members this week

Would you belong to an organization that treated you in this manner in your “golden years”?

People who qualify for AARP membership–age 50 and older–are educated, they know their rights under the Constitution, they have worked to build the U.S. economy, they have fought for our liberties, and their minds are still working if […]