WRKO ‘Debate’: Barney Frank Interrupts Himself to Complain About Interruptions

Robert Stacy McCain The Other McCain 10/11/2010

BOSTON — Today’s WRKO radio debate between Barney Frank and Sean Bielat was mainly a lecture by Barney which could be summed up briefly: “You’re interrupting me! . . . Blame Bush! . . . You’re distorting what I said! . . . Predatory lending! . . . […]

Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats inspiring massive Republican fundraising efforts

Aleksandra Kulczuga The Daily Caller 03/22/10

Bad for the country? Maybe. Good for Republican fundraising efforts? Without question. That’s the early verdict on Obama’s health care plan. In the hours after the House voted on the bill last night, the RNC’s website received so much traffic, it briefly crashed. By 4:00 PM this afternoon, […]