Here’s what Sarah Palin said to Bill Maher after he called her child, Trig, ‘retarded’

Here’s what a ticked off Sarah Palin had to say to Bill Maher after he allegedly referred to her special needs son as “retarded”

Jason Howerton The Blaze 6/13/2013

…Former Las Vegas TV personality Ron Futrell claims he was escorted out of the event after he confronted Maher several times during the show […]

Ann Romney Compared to Hitler, Stalin

by Newsweek Editor

Eric Odom Liberty News Network 5/14/2012

Now that’s good old fashioned MSNBC and Newsweek journalism for ya.

“I found that phrase, the “crown of motherhood,” really kind of creepy,” she said, “not just because of its, like, somewhat you know — it’s kind of usually authoritarian societies that give out The Cross […]