UK, Germany fly secret evac missions into Libya

Kirsten Grieshaber and Sylvia Hui The Washington Post 2/27/2011

BERLIN — British and German military planes swooped into Libya’s desert, rescuing hundreds of oil workers and civilians stranded at remote sites, as thousands of other foreigners are still stuck in Tripoli by bad weather and red tape.

The secret military missions into the turbulent North […]

Megrahi threatened to reveal Gaddafi’s role in Lockerbie bombing unless he was released, it is claimed

The Lockerbie bomber blackmailed Col Muammar Gaddafi into engineering his release from a Scottish prison by threatening to reveal that the dictator ordered the devastating attack on Pan Am Flight 103, a former Libyan official has claimed.

Heidi Blake The Telegraph [UK] 28 February 2011

Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi allegedly threatened “revenge” on Col Gaddafi […]

Obama + Wright + Farrakhan = Libya?

24 February 2011

Last night we were watching Glenn Beck on FNC when, just moments into the program, the network broke to air President Barack Obama’s remarks about the genocide that had been unfolding for nine days in Libya. During the crisis Obama has chosen to trot out Secretary Clinton to make the occasional comment […]