Did Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Reason Interview Sink Her at Brandeis?

Nick Gillespie Reason.com 4/9/2014

After announcing that it would honor author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali with an honorary doctorate, Brandeis University has withdrawn its offer, partly due to statements she made during a 2007 Reason interview.

Born in Somalia and raised in Kenya, Hirsi Ali fled to the Netherlands and became an outspoken critic […]

’60 Minutes’ interviews the Muslim Brotherhood about Boston’s Muslim Terrorists

Blazing Cat Fur 4/22/2013

60 Minutes interviewed student members of the MSA – the Muslim Student Association, about the Muslim Terrorist Dhokhar Tsarnaev. The MSA is a student group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood with a long list of Terrorist Graduates. 60 minutes makes no mention of the MSA’s sordid history….

…He Seemed Like Such […]

White House seeks to reassure Muslims

Ahead of congressional hearings into homegrown Islamic terrorism, an Obama national security advisor tells one group: ‘Muslim Americans are not part of the problem. You’re part of the solution.’

Peter Nicholas Los Angeles Times 3/7/2011

Reporting from Sterling, Va. — The White House took a preemptive step to defuse an emerging controversy Sunday, sending out […]

Jonah Goldberg on UCSD’s Hypocritical Script

Calvin Freiburger NewsReal Blog 2010 May 19

Jonah Goldberg has a valuable new LA Times column with more thoughts on David Horowitz’s recent encounter with pro-jihad sentiment at UC San Diego. We all reacted with disgust (though not surprise) at Jumanah Imad Albahri’s words, but how did her school’s administration take it? Goldberg decided […]