USDA Suggests Changes to Grocery Stores to ‘Nudge’ Consumers to Eat Healthy

Talking shopping carts, spotlighting on vegetables

Elizabeth Harrington The Washington Free Beacon 7/15/2014

…“These strategies, in particular, draw on principles of behavioral economics to nudge consumers towards healthier choices,” the report said.

The panel came up with six preferred strategies: discount coupons for SNAP recipients; rebates of up to $60 for healthy purchases on EBT […]

A $4 million vacation…

Separate flights, luxury hotels and plenty of golf… the price of Obama’s annual Hawaiian holiday soars

Obama’s Air Force One flight estimated at $3,271,611 Total travel costs for Hawaii holiday are $3,629,622 Housing comes to $151,200 and hotels at $72,216 Hawaii Reporter estimates total cost at $4,113,038 Mike O’Brien and Mark Duell Daily Mail [UK] […]