J. Christian Adams on Fox: ‘Some DOJ Lawyers in Division Probing Baltimore PD Worked for Anti-Police Orgs’

Is DOJ investigation into Baltimore PD destined to be labeled “grotesque misconduct” by a federal judge, just like their investigation into New Orleans PD?

David Steinberg PJ Tatler PJ Media 5/12/2015

PJ Media Legal Editor J. Christian Adams appeared with Shannon Bream to discuss the Department of Justice’s investigation into the conduct of Baltimore’s Police […]

New Orleans school district ends public schools, will now use only charter schools

Ian Huyett The Libertarian Republic 29 May 2014

Nine years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans’s Recovery School District – created in 2003 to take over the administration of Louisiana’s lowest-performing schools – is undertaking groundbreaking educational reform. This week, it permanently closed down its five board-run public schools: from now on, all of its facilities […]

Super Bowl 2013

Political Follies Facebook 2/3/2013




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CAJ note: If you’re using Google Chrome for your browser, you may be blocked with a malware message. We switched to another browser and accessed the Breitbart […]

Former New Orleans mayor charged with bribery, fraud

Michael Kunzelman The Washington Times 1/18/2013

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — More than a decade ago, Ray Nagin was elected mayor of New Orleans on a vow to root out corruption in a city plagued by decades of it. On Friday, the former mayor was indicted on charges he lined his pockets with bribe money, payoffs […]

Japan Earthquake: State-Run Media Will Focus on How it Affects Obama

Rush Limbaugh 3/11/2011

RUSH: You know what I hope, folks? You know what I’m really hoping right now? I hope CNN has our old buddy Nic Robertson on the first plane out to Japan. I can’t wait for Nic Robertson to hit the ground in Japan, run up to people in the earthquake region and […]

Throw Rep. Cao Under the Bus

GOP Rep. Cao ‘Hurt’ After Obama Endorses Dem, Warns of Opponent’s Ethics History FoxNews.com 10/4/2010

Republican Rep. Joseph Cao — in an act of either selfless concern or political expediency — says he “must” warn President Obama that the Democratic candidate he’s endorsed in the race has a history of ethical problems.

The Louisiana congressman […]