German Börse in Talks to Buy the Big Board

NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Börse in Merger Talks

Michael J. De La Merced and Jack Ewing The New York Times 2/9/2011

The New York Stock Exchange, a symbol of American capitalism for more than two centuries, may soon have new owners — in Europe.

The exchange, facing pressure from electronic upstarts that have taken business […]

What’s This About a Hindenburg Omen?

Liz Moyer Uptick/ 8/16/2010

It’s hard to say whether those are storm clouds gathering over the stock markets, or whether that’s just the fog that’s lifting after two long years of dizzying volatility. But what about the Hindenburg Omen?

It’s been written about, blogged about and debated over the last few days. Rick Ackerman, a […]

Dow Drops Nearly 1,000 Before Rebound; Possible Bad Trades Probed

Peter A. McKay The Wall Street Journal 5/6/2010

Stocks plummeted in a flashback to the panicked trading of 2008. Selling accelerated late in the day due to a wave of automated sell orders that turned an ugly drop into full-blown market washout.

At its afternoon low the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down almost 1,000 […]

SEC: Hacker Manipulated Stock Prices

David Kravets 3/16/2010

U.S. regulators are moving to freeze the assets and trading accounts of a Russian accused of hacking into personal online portfolios and manipulating the price of dozens of stocks listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and New York Stock Exchange.

A New York federal judge on Tuesday sided with the Securities […]