The 1% are about to get their own publication

Arianna Huffington announces launch of World Post news website

• Tony Blair and Bill Gates among new site’s contributors • Backers include ‘homeless billionaire’ Nicolas Berggruen

Dominic Rushe The Guardian [UK] 8 January 2014

The 1% are about to get their own publication. The digital media titan Arianna Huffington and the billionaire investor Nicolas Berggruen […]

Liberals Call for Lynching Clarence Thomas

Van Helsing 2/3/2011

By now it’s obvious where progressives got the bizarrely inaccurate view of the Tea Party they have used their control of the media to superimpose on reality. Characteristically, they looked in the mirror and felt compelled to project the hideousness they saw.

More from the Common Cause/Code Pink/public sector union version […]