James O’Keefe and the NJEA again

O’Keefe Strikes Again

John Verum Serum 12/14/2010

James O’Keefe unleashes another fusillade aimed at the NJEA…The bickering about Christie isn’t all that surprising, but the willingness to back up a teacher who admits to sexual contact with an underage student, i.e. statutory rape, that’s an eye opener.

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James O’Keefe on the Trail of Dem Voting Fraud in NJ

John Verum Serum 10/27/2010

A more serious clip which, I think, has an even bigger impact. I’m really hoping there’s a part 2 of this one.

NJ Teachers Union Gone Wild

NJEA Union Teachers Call Black Kids N******, Say They Want to F*** With Kids (Video)

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 10/25/2010

Woah. Undercover video reveals New Jersey union teachers calling black kids n****** and plotting against popular Governor Chris Christie.

Via James O’Keefe and Veritas Visuals:

This continues at GatewayPundit.

Update: At Big Government, ‘Go Watch […]

Governor Christie may say ‘No thanks’ to $268M U.S. education aid

cubachi 8/10/2010

When Governor Chris Christie says he is serious about reforming the education and financial situation in New Jersey he means it. And he won’t let the federal government stand in his way either.

If the House of Representatives passes the $26 billion package today, it will grant the state of New Jersey $268 […]

N.J. voters reject school budgets in heated elections

The Star-Ledger 4/21/2010

New Jersey voters took a stand on school spending and property taxes Tuesday, rejecting 260 of 479 school budgets across 19 counties, according to unofficial results in statewide school elections.

In the proposed state budget he unveiled last month, Gov. Chris Christie slashed $820 million in aid to school districts and urged […]

Governor Christie to reform NJ education system and provide more charter schools

Governor Chris Christie is seeking to reform the education system in New Jersey, which is deteriorating in the urban areas, especially in the public schools systems in Newark, Trenton, Englewood, and other cities.

As we all know, the encroachment of the NJEA, the teacher’s union, is affecting these students’ education. Not only do these teachers […]