Map Of Locations To Which Feds Are Shipping Illegal Alien Minors

Nickarama Weasel Zippers 7/4/2014

This map was created by NumbersUSA from media reports. Click on the link for a bigger version of the map as well as a list of all the places so far recorded in media, as well as other places proposed. As can be noted from the list, at most of these […]

Pro-Amnesty GOP Rep: Boehner Planning Immigration Votes 'in Next Month or So'

Matthew Boyle Big Government 27 Oct 2013

Rep. Jeff Denham (R-CA), a Republican member of the House who supports comprehensive immigration reform, said on Sunday’s Univision Al Punto show that House Speaker John Boehner promised him there would be immigration votes in the House of Representatives soon.

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Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks Against Corker-Hoeven Amendment to the Immigration Bill

Sen TedCruz YouTube 6/24/2013

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The immigration debate barrels ahead in the Senate this week—and the Gang of Eight wants you to believe it’s a done deal.

The media and many Senators have been trumpeting a new amendment to the bill by […]

Take action: The last time Harry Reid rushed to pass a bill, we ended up with Obamacare

Support falling in polls, Harry Reid announces rush to pass immigration bill

Byron York The Washington Examiner 6/18/2013

With a new poll showing falling support for the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced an accelerated schedule in which the Senate would take a final, up-or-down vote on […]

Numbers USA to members: The threat of illegal alien amnesty-by-executive order

CAJ note: We are members of NumbersUSA and received an email from founder Roy Beck this morning, “Act now to stop executive-order amnesty“

The threat of illegal alien amnesty-by-executive order Michelle Malkin 6/23/2010

NumbersUSA posted a letter on Monday from GOP Sen. Grassley and seven other Republican Senators challenging the White House on rumors of […]

What the President seemed to say about immigration in his State of the Union Address

by Roy Beck Numbers USA January 27, 2010

Pres. Obama’s obtuse sentence on immigration in his address to the nation revealed a great fear of how the American people would react if he directly called for more foreign workers and for permanent jobs for the estimated 8 million illegal foreign workers.

He seemed to be […]