‘Words Matter’: An Un-narrated Obama Documentary/Review

SnorkelDogg YouTube 9/2/2012

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The Full Cost of the Drilling Moratorium

Jazz Shaw HotAir.com 12/4/2010

While the original story of the new drilling moratorium was covered here at Hot Air, the new unemployment numbers which came out this week highlight an even more disturbing aspect of this proposal by the administration. Jack Gerard of the American Petroleum Institute (API) sent out a rather graphic warning to […]

Administration bans offshore drilling for 3 years

Liberty Scout 13 March 2010

Even though two-thirds of Americans are for offshore drilling, the Obama Administration seems determined to make us more dependent on foreign oil as we wait for alternatives to be developed and mass produced. This week the Obama Administration continued their war on energy independence by announcing an offshore drilling ban […]

Palin: Your tax dollars hard at work: first cars, now foreign oil

Sarah Palin’s Notes Facebook.com August 19, 2009

Today’s Wall Street Journal contains some puzzling news for all Americans who are impacted by high energy prices and who share the goal of moving us toward energy independence.

For years, states rich with an abundance of oil and natural gas have been begging Washington, DC politicians for […]

Soros reports 73.5% increase in Petrobras stake

[Ed. Please note the date of this article.]

Market Watch The Wall Street Journal By Tony Cooke Feb 17, 2009

Billionaire investor George Soros on Tuesday reported that during the fourth quarter he increased his already considerable stakes in Brazilian state-controlled oil company Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (PBR 42.84, +0.25, +0.59%) and Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan […]

Malkin: Obama, Soros, Petrobras, Brazil & offshore drilling double standards

By Michelle Malkin August 19, 2009

Yes, it’s true.

Barack Obama has chipped in $2 billion in loans to exploit offshore oil resources in hopes of extracting a major new source of petroleum…in South America.

And yes, it’s true.

There is a Soros link.

Ed Morrissey has a round-up and notes:

Is it a […]