Come to California, @MittRomney

CAC Ace of Spades HQ 10/6/2012

Mitt, I know my state isn’t going to vote for you. It won’t even be close. But for the rest of the country, I implore you to come. Come to the Shell station on Olympic and Fairfax in Los Angeles, where the current price for regular is $5.09 a […]

Chavnobyl: Hugo Chavez’s Chernobyl

A.M. Mora y Leon American Thinker 8/28/2012

As world attention diverts to other important stories – elections, Hurricane Isaac, Iran – a massive disaster is occurring just 1400 miles south of Miami, in Venezuela, under Hugo Chavez.

Over the weekend, a massive refinery explosion occurred at the world’s second-biggest refinery. It hit three storage tanks […]