Surprise! Soros’ Fingerprints All Over September 17 OccupyWallStreet ‘Demands’

Brenda J. Elliott Klein Online 9/12/2011

The tipoff for George Soros’ involvement with the September 17 anti-banker OccupyWallStreet direct action comes by way of , an “Expat activist, lover, info-geek” who is “trying to play [her] role on the #globalrevolution.”1

Khatib wrote yesterday — on behalf of the “citizens and non-citizens” of The General Assembly […]

The truth about Castro’s Cuba from…LA

H/T Ziva Sahl at 3/31/2010

“Gigglecam”, who posted this video to YouTube on 3/29/2010, writes:

“Perez Hilton, Andy Garcia, and Steven Bauer joined hundreds across the country in a symbolic march in solidarity with victims of repression in Cuba. In Los Angeles, the march took place in Echo Park at 2:00pm following the […]