Anti-Outsourcing Mayor Emanuel Considers Outsourcing Airport

The Washington Free Beacon 2/26/2013

…Emanuel initially opposed efforts to privatize Midway Airport when he took office in 2011. He soon reconsidered because of the success of a similar deal in Puerto Rico’s Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

Regardless, Mr. Emanuel has said any Midway lease approved under his watch must be significantly shorter […]

Obama outsourcing helicopter purchases to Russian company, workers

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 7/25/2012

The Pentagon ordered a couple of MI-17 helicopters earlier this year to replace severely damaged aircraft, and in recent days it purchased 10 more helicopters to replace aging Afghan aircraft. The helicopters were purchased from Russia for over a half-billion dollars, according to Defense Department officials.

The monetary value […]

Outsourced: Obama Campaign Raises Money in China–Again

Joel B. Pollak Big Government 15 Jul 2012

The Obama campaign may be attacking Republican rival Mitt Romney for investing abroad, but it is not shy about raising campaign cash overseas. Last week, the campaign held a fundraiser for American expatriates in Shanghai, raking in large sums from those benefiting from the sort of […]

We Are Not As Rich As Obama

David Lawrence American Thinker 7/19/2012

I am middle class. Neither Barack Obama’s net worth of eleven million dollars nor Mitt Romney’s worth of two hundred and fifty million dollars relates to me. They share an interplanetary tune that is remote from my hearing aid.

My poverty as related to Romney is not very different than […]

An[other] inconvenient truth for the Administration

16 July 2012

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Obama Took Cash From Bain Outsourcing Execs

…As we’ve seen, the leftist media thinks it’s a disaster if a private citizen, Mitt Romney, made money from an investment company that outsourced jobs to save companies. But the leftist media seems perfectly comfortable with Barack […]

Obama, Reid Contributor Ralph Lauren Outsourced Olympic Uniforms

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 7/13/2012

Open mouth, insert foot.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has raised a furor over the fact that the uniforms for the US Olympic Team are made in China. Which is to say: outsourced.

Who designed these uniforms? Who actually did the outsourcing of these Olympic uniforms here?

That would […]