Obama Appointee Says Obama’s Policies Have Stalled Economy

Income Inequality Up as a Result of ‘Policies We’re Pursuing to Jumpstart the Economy’

Bill McMorris The Washington Free Beacon 8/21/2013

An Obama appointee and the CEO of Pacific Investment told a crowd at the National Press Club that Obama’s economic policies have fostered income inequality and that political squabbling is stalling economic recovery.

Mohamed […]

Wall Street’s New Nightmare: The Next Wave Of Mortgage-Backed Securities Claims

Her $8.5 billion Bank of America settlement over bad mortgage deals was just the beginning. Now, backed by bond giants Pimco and BlackRock, Texas lawyer Kathy Patrick is gearing up for a new legal assault on the financial industry.

Nathan Vardi Forbes 10/17/2011

This article appears in the November 7 edition of Forbes magazine.


IMF warns US to make a ‘down payment’ on deficit

The US should make a ‘down payment’ this year on tackling its budget deficit, the International Monetary Fund has warned, as it emerged that the world’s biggest bond investor is shorting the country’s bonds.

Richard Blackden Telegraph [UK] 13 Apr 2011

America will rack up a budget deficit of 10.8pc of gross domestic product this […]

Divesting in America: PIMCO Dumps U.S. Treasury Bonds from Portfolio

15 March 2011

CAJ note: Last week we published the PIMCO information in our post, “It will never be any easier or cheaper to fix this problem than it is right now…”

PJTV Front Page with Allen Barton 3/14/2011

PIMCO [Pacific Investment Management Co.] is the world’s largest bond fund. PIMCO’s Bill Gross recently announced […]

‘It will never be any easier or cheaper to fix this problem than it is right now’ but not if you don’t understand it

DOOM, Served Hot Off the Grill

Monty Ace of Spades HQ 3/10/2011

…We are in a classic debt spiral from which there is probably no escape. The mandatory spending numbers will never go down, and debt-service will eat ruthlessly away at the remaining portion of the federal budget. (Most of the states are in the […]