Lindsey Graham Gives Away the Game

Erick Erickson RedState 12/22/2010

There has been a lot of speculation this week about why the GOP rolled over in the Senate on virtually every issue. From Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’s repeal to START to you name it — the GOP became the party of capitulation. So much so that even Lindsey Graham is blasting […]

Rahm to Bill to Joe

The former president as political cutout.

The Wall Street Journal 5/29/2010

At his Thursday press conference, President Obama said that “I can assure the public that nothing improper took place” in the curious case of Joe Sestak and the Pennsylvania Senate primary—but he declined to say what, exactly, took place. After yesterday’s pre-Memorial Day weekend […]

Rising revolt in Pennsylvania

Abby Wisse Schachter The New York Post February 4, 2010

‘I’m running like I’m 20 points behind and I’ll continue to run like I’m 20 points be hind,” says Pat Toomey, the presumptive GOP nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania — who in fact now leads Sen. Arlen Specter 45 percent to 31 percent among likely […]