Black Americans from Chicago Speak Out about Life under Democrat Rule

David Leeper Western Free Press 10/28/2014

From, here are strong words from black Americans about life under decades of Democrat-only rule and the need to wake up and vote wisely.

This message may have been intended for American black communities, but it speaks truth to all Americans about the failed promises of Democrat progressive […]

Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts Into Revolt Against Machine Politics



Rebel Pundit Big Government 21 Dec 2013

On Thursday, a town hall meeting hosted by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the aldermen in City Hall, with panel and audience members calling to vote […]

Can a Republican replace Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Republican candidate Paul McKinley


Todd Cefaratti Human Events 3/22/2013

If there’s one thing on which Democrats and Republicans can agree it is that Chicago is a wasteland of drug and gang violence. What seems to separate the two, however, are the solutions proposed. While Democrats propose a strengthening of the policies that […]